Nitty Gritty Complete Nit Kit

Our unique, award-winning Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb is designed to work brilliantly with any ordinary hair conditioner... but works even better when used with our Nitty Gritty Aromatherapy Solution.

Our amazing, award-winning Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb is unlike any other product on the market, our micro spiral comb is the only head lice product to remove not only the smallest head lice as well as the nits (the empty egg cases) but also, most importantly, it even removes the unhatched 'live' head louse eggs, which is the main cause of repeated infestations.

Our Nitty Gritty Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution is a simple, no fuss solution to aid the detection and removal of head lice. It is made from a blend of essential oils, with no nasty ingredients!

Our solution not only helps the Nitty Gritty NitFree comb to glide smoothly and effortlessly through any hair type but also helps immobilise the lice making it difficult for them to move around the head. Unlike some regular hair conditioners, our solution won’t foam up when you use it, so you can really see what you’re doing. With neem and added wheatgerm it not only smells great but leaves the hair in shiny tip-top condition.

As mums, we know that you have to get the 'live' eggs out, or you haven't got the whole job done. Our award-winning comb and solution do just that... removing head lice, nits AND 'live' eggs quickly and easily, with no pain and no harmful chemicals.

After you have used our award-winning Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb and Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution to clear an infestation, use our Nitty Gritty Conditioning Defence Spray for all family members above the age of two. It's a carefully chosen blend of ingredients with a lovely grapefruit scent, that will not only keep those pesky lice at bay but keeps everyone's hair fragranced, soft, shiny, de-tangled and in tip-top condition.

How does it work? Everyone's hair has its own unique aroma – and just like mosquitoes, head lice use their sense of smell to detect the presence of 'new' hair during even very brief head-to-head contact. Our Nitty Gritty Conditioning Defence Spray doesn't just keep your hair in great condition, it also messes up their 'radar'; by masking your hair's unique aroma it encourages head lice to stay on their existing host rather than migrate.

And finally…
Remember to ‘Spread the word, not the lice! pass this fantastic offer onto your friends, family and other mums at school. The more children who are nit free, the less likely your children are to be reinfested!

You will find full instructions for how best to use our products in the FAQ section.

Any questions about head lice and nits, or about any of our products? Please contact us via – it's always a pleasure to hear from a Nitty Gritty customer!

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