Special Offer ... 6 Nitty Gritty Combs for just 7.50 each

Schools, Nurseries, Playgroups.
Take advantage of our great discount price for 6 Nitty Gritty Combs.
Why not get together with your friends, family or other parents at school and reduce the chance of your child catching head lice.

Each Nitty Gritty Comb will cost you only 7.50, so you'll save money and get nit free at the same time.
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6.99 each.

People call it the iComb it's a small, elegant item which does something quickly and easily that no-one thought could be done at all. Needs no batteries, and just one comb does the whole family.

Our amazing, award-winning Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb quickly and easily removes not only head lice and unsightly nits (empty egg cases) but also extracts 'live' head louse eggs before they hatch. Instead of nasty chemicals, it gets the job done using advanced design and old-fashioned common sense. We are very proud of it, and if you don't think it's the best head lice product you've ever tried, we'll happily give you a full refund. At any time. That's how good it is.

What's the big idea? Just as you slide your thumb up the side to 'pop' the lid off a jar, the MicroSpiral grooves of the NitFree Comb slide through hair that's been coated with either our own Nitty Gritty Solution or any ordinary hair conditioner, and 'pop' off any louse, egg or nit that they come into contact with. It's the biggest advance in head lice treatment ever, we believe, and a million 'NitFree' families in the UK wouldn't use anything else on their children's hair.
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Nitty Gritty Comb works

Any questions about head lice and nits, or about our products?
Please contact us via mums@nittygritty.co.uk - it's always a pleasure to hear from a Nitty Gritty customer!

You will find full instructions for how best to use our products in the FAQ section.

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Special Offer ... 6 Nitty Gritty Combs for just 7.50 each

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