Maureen Anderson wrote to us a while back telling us how she had spent 3 weeks working with the street children in the Udayan village near Jaipur, India. 58 children currently live there, all who have been saved from the streets of the slums.

Most of the children in the slums have head lice and with limited resources, the charity Vatsalya who work with these children can only offer a community street day once a month. The children have no other chance of having their hair washed or being treated for head lice.
The only equipment available for the 40 children who came running to be washed was a large comb, two nit combs, a pair of large scissors and a handful of tiny shampoo samples.
Maureen was touched by the fact that the children all wanted to be clean and were so grateful for the little that the charity were able to offer.
She told us that she planning another trip to the village and asked us if we would consider making a donation of head lice treatment or combs to support the workers who go out and tirelessly help these children.
Not only were we delighted to donate some Nitty Gritty Combs for the children, but we asked our distribution partners, Ceuta Healthcare if they would donate some of their delicious Halos N Horns shampoo and bathcare products to the street children and of course they too were delighted to be able to help. So between us we sent a big box of Nitty Gritty Combs and Halos N Horns products for the trip.

Maureen returned from the small Udayan village last week and has told us that the children and community workers were delighted with the donation. She enclosed these lovely photos, one of the children getting soaked just before the community workers waded in for the 'big wash', and the other of some of the girls afterwards.

Of course the children preferred the delicious smelling Halos N Horns products to the NItty Gritty Combs! - but the community workers were very grateful for the combs as just like here in the UK, nits are a big problem, particularly amongst the girls.



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