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Nitty Gritty was founded by three London mums - Amanda (Coplans), Gill (Newton) and Lillan (Osterberg) - who knew exactly what it was like to go through 'head lice hell'.

We started our company with a single mission in mind to do everything we possibly could to help our customers and their families 'beat the bugs' without the need for horrible chemicals.

Since launching our unique Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb we have sold over a million, with no advertising budget - simply through one mum telling another how amazing it is! But because we don't have a huge advertising budget, a PR company, or a big corporation backing us, there are still millions of families out there who don't know about Nitty Gritty yet.

Although most of our customers tell us that they heard about Nitty Gritty through word of mouth, we have been recommended by multiple journalists, usually who happen to be parents themselves, in publications such as The Times ('Top Five Quick Fixes For Family Emergencies'), The Guardian ('the Rolls-Royce of nit combs'), The Daily Telegraph, Which? Magazine and on ITV1's Loose Women and This Morning.

And some of our best-known customers, Jonathan Ross and Jason Donovan, are NitFree parents who have both gone on the record to tell the world how much they love our products. .

And that is a great thing - because in 21st century Britain children are still being bullied, and feeling ashamed because of head lice and nits. Which is so wrong. We have heard from countless parents whose children have been picked on, teased, taunted, socially excluded and, in the most extreme cases, even been physically attacked.

As mums we have been through 'head lice hell' with our own children many times, and so now we are on a mission to protect millions of parents and children all over Britain and beyond from the misery of head lice infestation.

So we are always happy to share our story and spread the word about our fantastic products!

Please contact us via at any time with any questions you might have about us, our products or head lice and nits.

You can read more about us, and how and why we started Nitty Gritty in the About Us section of our website.

And don't just take our word for it, click here to see what Jonathan Ross, Jason Donovan and many more delighted customers have to say about Nitty Gritty

There are also some useful letters and leaflets to print out on our Downloads page

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