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Nitty Gritty was founded by three London mums - Amanda (Coplans), Gill (Newton) and Lillan (Osterberg) - who knew exactly what it's like to go through 'head lice hell'.

We started our company with a single mission in mind – to do everything we possibly could to help our customers and their families 'beat the bugs' without the need for horrible chemicals.

Why did we start Nitty Gritty?

Because when our three daughters constantly came home from school with head lice, we bought every single gadget, gimmick, potion and lotion that we could find… and nothing worked.

The Nitty Gritty Mums

Most of the products we tried did more harm than good. Like many parents, we put strong synthetic pesticides on our children that we would never have put on our daffodils.

We got sick and tired of our little girls going to bed in tears, with their eyes stinging, their hair pulled out - and still with nits, eggs and live head lice in their hair.

‘So we decided to create our own product,’ Amanda explains. ‘Lillan is a trained aromatherapist, and Gill was a manager of Body Shop, together we came up with the perfect solution to get the job done safely and effectively without any harmful chemicals.’ A year later we launched our Nitty Gritty Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution and straight away it became a runaway success. It felt like such a victory, we were being inundated with letters from parents and carers from all over the country thanking us for finally freeing them from ‘head lice hell’.

Parents were thrilled with our solution and how effective it was but they also wanted a product that would prevent the little critters from coming back. So we expanded the range and developed our Nitty Gritty Conditioning Defence Spray to help keep those pesky lice from jumping back on to your little ones heads.

Then the real breakthrough happened in 2004 when we launched our multi award-winning Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb. This was an absolute game-changer in the battle against head lice.

Unlike any other product on the market our patented micro spiral comb is the only head lice product which removes not only the smallest head lice as well as the nits – the empty egg cases – but also, most importantly, it even removes the unhatched 'live' head louse eggs.

‘Every other product just leaves the ‘live’ eggs behind in the hair to hatch out,’ Amanda explains. ‘That’s why infestations often seem to go on forever and you find yourself having to do weekly combing. But unless you get everything out, you just end up right back where you started a week later when the new generation of head lice hatch out.’

The Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb serves a whole family – and can be used without any need for nasty chemicals. It works brilliantly with any ordinary hair conditioner, and even better when teamed with our Nitty Gritty Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution and Nitty Gritty Conditioning Defence Spray. One comb is all you need and it will last you a lifetime!

Since we launched the comb in 2004 we have sold millions of them to families up and down the country, finally freeing them from their head lice hell. As well as selling through our website we have become available in pharmacies Nationwide as well as major retailers including Boots, Tesco and Superdrug. We were even approved for NHS prescription, to ensure every single family can access a Nitty Gritty NitFree Comb. Our comb has won multiple awards and had celebrities and journalists singing its praise over and over again. ‘The Guardian called it 'the Rolls-Royce of nit combs and the Daily Telegraph called it a ‘miracle comb’.

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